Review of Existing Documents

No surprise: tax laws change. Almost as often, family situations change. Count on reassessing your plan periodically, especially after major life changes (death, divorce, or large changes in asset value) that could impact previous decisions.

For existing clients for whom I have previously completed estate planning work, I offer a biannual complimentary consultation, at their request, to review their situation and suggest updates, if circumstances so warrant. Amendments or modifications are billed at my hourly rate.

For new clients who wish to have their estate planning documents reviewed or amended, I charge my hourly rate to review their existing documents and suggest changes. We also discuss current assets and whether they have been titled in the name of the trust. Expect the review to take about 2 hours, the first hour spent on my review of your trust before our meeting and the second hour spent in discussion with you explaining your existing plan and determining if it meets your current needs and expectations.You will come away with a better understanding of your trust as it is set up and information about what changes, if any, are needed.