Hope and New Beginnings

Recently I had the opportunity to give presentations on estate planning. In November local financial planning associations, with others, hosted the 2nd annual Marin Financial Planning Day. Participants had the opportunity to meet with a certified financial planner for a ½ hour and attend various presentations on budgeting, estate planning and investing. I spoke on estate planning of course; audience members were well-informed and asked thoughtful questions. This will be an annual event at the San Rafael Civic Center and next year I hope to bring more estate planning attorneys with me.

In October I took part in a panel discussion on “Love and the Law,” which focused on separate v. community property and the intersection of family law and estate planning, among other things. Both opportunities drove home to me the fact that people are very interested in these topics but are not sure how to find reliable information.

The holidays are back. This year I am again buying gifts, mainly for young people, but for others on my list I am donating to various local charities. There are many worthy organizations in Marin and the Bay Area, I’m sure that you have your favorites. For those looking for more ideas, Nicolas Kristoff had a column in the 12/3/17 edition of the New York Times (and posted online): For the Holidays, Pull a Tooth or Save a Life. Instead of battling traffic or searching the internet for more stuff (or new stuff, or more unusual stuff), honor loved ones with message of hope and new beginnings for others. For more information see  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/02/opinion/sunday/kristof-annual-gift-guide.html.

Happy Holidays everyone. And let me know what worked for you this holiday season.