Happy Thanksgiving Cubs!

thanksgiving-mealI say this every year, but Thanksgiving is really my favorite holiday. I love the theme of gratitude and making due with what you have. That said, I would like to give a big shout out to the Chicago Cubs. I tend to root for the underdog, and the Cubs were the ultimate underdog. Rooting for the underdog can be difficult because you don’t often get to back a winner. There is much heartache in rooting for the underdog, and it also means that you bounce around in your allegiance-you look for who is doing the worst, and put your support there. It’s a perverse sort of way to pick a team! Especially when there are so many winning teams in the Bay Area, why don’t I just pick one of those?

Both baseball and Thanksgiving remind me of my Grandfather. I always remember my grandfather having “the game” on during the holidays, or at least when we first arrived. My last year of college I lived with my grandparents near the University. I rarely watched sports at that time but the World Series coincided with finals under [insane] quarter/grading system in place at U.C. Berkeley. This was a great opportunity to spend hours with my grandfather watching the games, procrastinating. This practice must have really lodged in my psyche because to this day, no matter what else is going on, when the World Series comes along I read up extensively on the teams, pick a side (typically the underdog), and tune into “the game.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, especially you underdogs out there. And thanks for everything Grandpa.