Fee Schedule

Estate Planning

Billed at my hourly rate.  While cost varies, very generally, a trust with associated pour over will and powers of attorney will cost approximately $2000-$2500 for a single person, $3000-4,500 for a married couple.

Review of Existing Documents and Amendments

Billed at my hourly rate. Expect a review to take about 2 hours, the first hour spent on my review of your documents and the second spent in discussion with you explaining your existing plan and determining if it meets your current needs and expectations. You come away with a better understanding of your trust as it is set up and information about what changes, if any, are needed under the current law. Any amendments are then billed at my hourly rate, I can give you an estimate depending on the complexity of the change.

Probate and Trust Administration

Fees for probate administration are set by statute and are based on a percentage of the probate estate.

Fees for trust administration are billed at my hourly rate.

Billing Policies

I bill monthly as work progresses. I request an advance before beginning work.